CreativeMornings Trondheim

One of the projects we are supporting by donating our services is the breakfast lecture series CreativeMornings Trondheim. As a founding member of the non-profit organization Trondheim Creative we provide funding for the monthly events.

CreativeMornings Trondheim was founded in 2017 by Cathrine Vik-Pedersen and is the northernmost chapter in the world. 

Each event includes coffee, breakfast and a short talk, on a Friday every month. The local speakers have a various background from the creative industry. The talks are recorded and archived online.

Trondheim Talks

Anna & Azra bretter opp ermene
Anna & Azra bretter opp ermene (Anna Lian, Azra Halilovic) on Muse

Foto: Gerhardsen & Karlsen
Christian Falch
Christian Falch, UpNorth Film, on Wonder

Foto: Gerhardsen & Karlsen
Andrew Anfinnsen
CreativeMornings Inclusive at Lokal Bar - Scene - Klubb

Foto: Gerhardsen & Karlsen
Elisabeth Egseth Hansen
Elisabeth Egseth Hansen, Trøndelag Teater on Surreal

Foto: Gerhardsen & Karlsen
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CreativeMornings is the worlds largest face-to-face creative community.


The events are hosted in 2017 cities and 65 countries. It was founded by Tina Roth Eisenberg in 2008 in Brooklyn, New YorkThe events remains free thanks to the support of local sponsors, generous venues, and longterm global partners Adobe, and Mailchimp.

We are donating our services, which includes production, social media, marketing and organization. We do this because we believe "in giving a damn" and that creating meeting places for the local creative community to share knowledge, inspiration, networking and strengthening the relationship is important for the creative industry.

It's an honor to be in the company of these great industry leaders.

The archive of global breakfast talks is growing every month. From design legends to hometown heroes, speakers are selected by each chapter based on a global theme.

Learn more about the themes here

There are currently more than 7000 talks available online, so you will definitely find something that interest you there.

Some of our favorite talks:

Aaron James Draplin - Fifty point plan

Priya Parker - The Art of Gathering

Adam J. Kurtz - Perfect Isn't Better

Shannon Lee  - Finding Stillness in Chaos

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